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About  Flair Photography

Over 23 Years of Experience

"Congratulations you have found one of the area's top photography studios.  Since 1992, Flair Photography has been capturing the most memorable occasions of people's lives specializing in Wedding Photography, Senior Portraits, Family Portraits, and Special Events.   For Weddings, our goal is to capture every aspect of your wedding day from the largest moments to the smallest details.  For Senior Portraits we want to capture their personality, their hobbies, and their interest so years later those images can be enjoyed for a lifetime.


We know how much it cost to have a wedding and reception and how much wedding photography cost. So when we started Flair Photography our goal was to created beautiful images and be affordable so everyone could afford a professional, and not rely on friends or family members to take pictures.  Although a family member or friend has great intentions what they don't have is 15K+ in professional equipment and the skill to create memories of a life time. Our prices are affordable because we don't rely on this as our only source of income so we can pass the savings on to you.  

About us: We are a husband-and-wife team that is very passionate about our photography. We both love to travel and explore new things when we're not on location photographing.   I myself am an avid scuba diver, along with having a passion for Automobiles and love exploring the country on a motorcycle. Professionally I have worked for 2 other photography studios' before I started my own business. Since then, I have been photographing Weddings and Special events for 25+ years and have shot over 500 events. We also have the privilege to photograph students at Winchester Public Schools for their Website, along with photographing any special event they have.  We pride ourselves on being one of the area's top photography studios.

Flair Photography, Winchester, VA, wedding phtogragher
Flair Photography, Winchester, VA, wedding phptpgragher

Our Job is to Capture Memories

For Weddings our style of photography has been labeled " Story Book Wedding" which is a blend of photojournalism with traditional formal portraits. We realize how much a typcial wedding cost so when I started this business 23 years ago I wanted to make our services affordable so everyone could have a professional photographer at their wedding not have to rely on friends or family. We use nothing but professional camera's, lenses, lighting equipment, etc.  We pride ourselves in having the latest gear so that we can capture images in any situation. 


Our job is not to just take pictures, our job is to capture memories and put a smile on your face every time you look at your pictures.   We pride ourselves as a husband-and-wife team to come up with fun pictures and make the experience a great one. 


PSA:  We have seen allot of so call Wedding Photographers that will photograph a wedding cheap but the old adage is true you get what you paid for.  They don't know how to use fill light or off camera flash so their images are flat, colors don't pop, and there is no way to have catchlights in the eye.  Their Lense's are not professional, their camera's don't have dual memory cards to ensure all images are recorded twice in case of memory card failure.  Some say they are nature light photographers because they don't understand lighting so what happens on a cloudy day or inside at the reception you must have lighting for bright and colorful images.   We have master the art of wedding photography which is why we have been in business for 23+ years.  

We Can Work With Your Budget

With all that said we have affordable packages to fit everyone's needs and budget.  Our prices start at $ 1500 and we offer discounts to military, police, fire rescue, medical, and teachers. We offer 3 packages that give you all your images in both high res and low res with full rights to print, share, etc.  And if our packages don't fit your bill, we can also create a custom package so you can hire a professional photographer without relying on friends or family members so they can enjoy your day while we take care of the rest.  


Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, you spend so much time and money to make sure everything is perfect so don't stop at having one of the best photographers to capture your day.  We realize how much it cost to get married so we take some stress out of it by offering affordable packages. 

Our business is in Stephens City, Va. and we have evening and weekend hours to visit our office along with Zoom Meeting, phone, or email.   We look forward to hearing from you in the future. 

Tresa & Bill

Flair Photography, Winchester, VA, photograghy
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