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Wedding Tips

At Flair Photography we want to do more than just photograph your wedding, we want this day to be the happiest day of your life. We know how much goes into your wedding day and want to do everything we can to make sure it is stress free and fun. With that being said we have put together some Wedding Tips from sources like WEDALERT, Bridal Magazines and of course other brides that have given us this great advise. And for anyone reading this that has more suggestion please email them to me we would love to add them and the other brides would appreciate it.

1. Get to bed at a decent hour the night before so you can be your best. For this reason it’s wise to plan bachelor and bachelorette parties at least a week ahead of time.

2. Give yourself plenty of time to get ready you want to be able to relax and have a good time with your bridesmaids, not stress over whether you’ll finish in time.

3. It is your wedding day you shouldn't plan anything more then hair, makeup and get ready to get married. Running last minute errands will stress you out and it will show the day of your wedding. Send your family, friends, or wedding party on errands. You just enjoy your day and relax.

4. When getting makeup done I have seen allot of brides that have a cute t shirt on but the problem is once your done with hair and make up you have to pull it off. So the best suggestion is to wear a button up shirt (dress shirt) that way you just unbutton.

5. Give a Thank You speech together. You will feel good when you thank your parents, grandparents, and or guest especially those that have traveled to come see your special day.

6. Doing fun pictures at the reception are great. Have your DJ make the announcement to have your co-workers, friends, etc. get together and do some fun pictures. The few moments you spend will create memories for a lifetime.

7. Have some flats for the reception. Your dress will cover your shoes and by this time of the night you are ready to party and having your feet hurt isn't going to help. You can get Sophisticated ballet-style slippers which will look great with a wedding dress. And if you need to get some formals done just put back on your wedding shoes for the pictures.

8. You dance with your father, the groom dances with his mother but make time for the other family members they are just as important.

9. Tell the DJ he can take requests but make sure he plays your songs you give him and tell him your songs are priority. If you see him playing a song that is 100 years old and your not feeling it then just tell him please don't play those type of songs. Remember it is your day and your paying for him to be there so the guest will just need to understand that.

10. Amid all of the fun and celebration be sure to take a moment to look over at the person you’re pledging your life to and reflect on the incredible journey that lies ahead of you both. Leave the reception room for just a few minutes and tell them how much you love them.

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