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Spring Is Around The Corner Is Your Wedding Day?

With spring around the corner allot of couples are planning their special day getting ready to start their new life together. Since I have been Photographing Weddings for 20 years now, I can give you some idea's or give you some of my experience that I learned being involved with one of the happiest days of a couples lives. So once you set your date whats next? Of course you need a dress and rings but here are a few others. 1) Pick your reception: You might ask why a reception before anything else. Well the answer is simple there are more couples getting married then there is reception venues. Most popular reception locations can only do one wedding on a Saturday unless there is a sm

Tips For Your Wedding Day

1. Get to bed at a decent hour the night before so you can be your best. For this reason it’s wise to plan bachelor and bachelorette parties at least a week ahead of time. 2. Give yourself plenty of time to get ready you want to be able to relax and have a good time with your bridesmaids, not stress over whether you’ll finish in time. 3. It is your wedding day you shouldn't plan anything more then hair, makeup and get ready to get married. Running last minute errands will stress you out and it will show the day of your wedding. Send your family, friends, or wedding party on errands. You just enjoy your day and relax. 4. When getting makeup done I have seen allot of brides that have a cute

Who Is In The Pictures

Wedding Planners Reveal: StartFragment“There tends to be confusion about who you would like to have in your pictures, and if you are able to give them a small card (business card size) or token to let them know you would like them to stay around for pictures, When you send out your invitations include a small card or token and tell them to bring this on your Wedding Day. After the ceremony an announcement can be made asking if any guess has a token that was included in the invitation please stay for pictures. This will help your photographer organize your family photos more quickly and lets your guests get to your cocktail reception sooner!” You can get plastic tokens at 5 below or the

Its Your Wedding

Remember your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life so don't worry what others think or try and make your wedding like someone else. Plan your wedding for you with your budget and how your vision has been since you were a little girl. You will find that allot of people have an opinion on how or what you should do, but remember "It's Your Wedding" you do it the way you want and don't worry about others. An no matter what happens big or small on your wedding day when the final "I DO" is said your married to the person of your dreams and nothing else matters. -Flair Photography- William Clements

More Wedding Tips

SOME EXT A TIPS 1) Dress up ballerina slippers - they are a great alternative to heels because they won't hurt your feet and nobody can see them because of your gown. 2) Use waterproof mascara. 3) Tell wedding party to be at the church at least 20 minutes before you really need them there just to give you that little extra insurance for the people that are always late. 4) Light all candles the night of the rehearsal and let them burn for a few moments, this way the day of the wedding they will be sure to light and burn correctly. 5) Don't go to the tanning bed the day before your wedding; lobster red has never been a nice color on the bride. Go weeks in advance to give your skin time to tan

Relax Your Getting Married

Try and relax and enjoy the day it is a fun, happy, beautiful time. Do not let the planning process mask that for you. Take moments to step back and enjoy what is happening. This is most important the day of your wedding. At that point you have done all you can do and it is in the hands of the trustworthy people you have hired. One thing I tell all my brides the day of the wedding is this. It doesn't matter what happens, you're going to be just as married even if the flowers are not 100% what you wanted, the flower girl doesn't want to walk down the aisle, etc. Just enjoy the day, squeeze your husband's hand knowing that he loves you and you're going to spend the rest of your life together.

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