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Wedding Day Readiness

So you don't feel overwhelmed with all the details that you have to do you must stay organized. Purchase a wedding binder which has different sections for the things that you will need to do. Here is a small example of things to do. Choose you're Church if you're having a Church wedding, reception venue, DJ, Photographer (Flair Photography), Vidoegrapher, Florist, Cake Shop, Invitations, Party Favors, Limo, Tuxedo shop, Wedding shop, etc. In your notebook write down how much each vendor is charging, the deposit you have given and the balance you owe. Get contacts for each service and have them give you a main phone number and cell phone. Everything you discuss including special arrangements or deals you need to have them write it in the contract. Memories fade over time so have everything in writing that way there will misunderstandings on your wedding day. This brings up one more thing that is very important. Every vendor should have a contact to give to you. NEVER do anything on a handshake or a promise. If they can't provide a contract then you should look elsewhere. A wedding coordinator can really help out with all this if your budget allows it.

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