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More Wedding Tips



1) Dress up ballerina slippers - they are a great alternative to heels because they won't hurt your feet and nobody can see them because of your gown.

2) Use waterproof mascara.

3) Tell wedding party to be at the church at least 20 minutes before you really need them there just to give you that little extra insurance for the people that are always late.

4) Light all candles the night of the rehearsal and let them burn for a few moments, this way the day of the wedding they will be sure to light and burn correctly.

5) Don't go to the tanning bed the day before your wedding; lobster red has never been a nice color on the bride. Go weeks in advance to give your skin time to tan and not burn.

6) Keep your wedding day simple; a lot of needless running around the day of your wedding will just stress you out. Try to only do Hair dresser, Makeup, Church and leave the rest of the errands for someone else.

7) Bring a snack to the church. Most photographers have you at the church a few hours before the ceremony and the morning breakfast just won't stay with you all day before your reception. Fruit and finger sandwiches are simple, fast and can really hit the spot. If you need a chocolate fix bring M&M's so they don't melt in your hands which could get on your dress.

8) Make a checklist several weeks before your wedding day of all the things you will need the day of your wedding, for your honeymoon, etc. Give a copy to your maid of honor so she can double check everything for you.

9) If the church has a Coordinator make sure that she knows you will be having a Professional Photographer so that the night of the rehearsal they can talk about the rules of the church for photography.

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