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Need A Professional For Your Wedding Day

As you know I have been shooting weddings for 19+ years. During that time I have learned a great deal about lighting, posing, and creating images that will last a lifetime. But wait there is more. No I am not selling you a set of knives, or a blender like they do on TV what I want to tell you about is all the other vendors that I have worked with over this 19+ year journey. You are now looking for vendors for your special day and with so many to choose from you don't know who is good, bad, or ugly but I have been working with so many of them for years. What this means to you is I can help you with names and businesses that do what you need to have done. Even if you don't hire me for your photography you can email me asking for recommendations for others. You might ask what is in it for me or why would I do this? The answer is simple I want your day to be one of the best days of your life, and if I can help you find those people that will make your day then I have done my job. So send me an email and receive a link to all my favorite vendors. Email address:

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