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Should I Care About Equipment

As a bride in search of a wedding photographer your main thought might be on what will it cost, which is always a valid concern. But shortly after that thought you should ask what type of equipment will you be using on my wedding day. The reason this is important because I see so many photographers that are shooting weddings and using equipment that you would purchase from discount store instead of purchasing the professional equipment. Now I must confess I was that person when I started yes I do admit to it. And the simple answer why is I couldn't afford to buy the good equipment. Now in my defense my prices also reflected that as well. What do I mean by that? Well I wasn't charging allot to shoot a wedding so therefore I didn't have allot to spend on equipment. Why this is important to you..? Because you only get one time to get it right. And beside hiring someone you feel good about you want to make sure that they are using professional equipment if they are charging professional prices. I have quiz other photographers at events I have been at not telling them I am a photographer on why they are using less then pro quality gear. There answers have ranged from "it doesn't matter that much" or "the customer doesn't know the difference" Those are not good answers. I can tell you that the right equipment can make a good picture great. And it should matter to you what equipment they use. In the picture above is 2 lenses both are 85mm lenses, can you guess which one cost $ 1200.00 and which one cost $ 185.00. Can you guess which one will take razor sharp pictures and shoot in very low light and yet the pictures looks bright and clear? Yes the one on the left is a professional lens, and the other is a Discount House Special. The left lens is made out of the finest glass with an aluminum casing and weights over 2 pounds the one on the right is made out of a hybrid plastic/glass and weights just a few ounces. So should you care about the equipment? The answer is YES.

Call us today to talk about your special day or special event you have coming up, because we use nothing but professional equipment and we can show you the difference. - William Clements - Flair Photography

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