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Rain On Your Wedding Day

Nobody likes to see rain on the weekend and that is especially true if it is on your wedding day. Now the old saying goes if it rains on your wedding day it is good luck. That may be true but it doesn't add to your photography experience or does it? Allot of times we have seen the day be full of black clouds and even rain during the day but in the evening the skies get clear even if just for a little while. In that time we will get you outside for some pictures because sometimes those pictures turn out great. Case in point we had a wedding that was planned for outside and on the day it rained and everything was moved inside. While doing family pictures we were told the rain had stopped so we put those pictures on hold and went outside for 30 minutes and captured some great images. I would have been nice to be out all day but there are somethings you can't control and the weather is one of them. Some fun pictures outside is to have all the girls with matching umbrella's and rain boot's. For the guys everyone having the same black umbrella always makes for some good pictures. So if your wedding happens to fall on a day of rain remember there is also a chance to get outside to get pictures or some fun ones with the rain.

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