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Everyone Is A Photographer... or NOT

The trend that I see now a days is because everyone has a smartphone this makes everyone a photographer. True smartphones do an amazing job just point and click and let the camera do the rest but there is a problem. Phones are great for selfies and spur of the moment pictures but what is lacking is 3 things. The first point is equipment, if your shooting in low light, or want the background to be blurred out (better know as bokeh) then you need specialized lens to do this. These are know as Fast lenses and in the professional world the starting price is normally $ 1000.00 and goes up from there. The second point is resolution, if your looking for great detail and the ability to enlarge your picture then you need a high megapixel camera. Although your smartphone at 8 megapixel is great looking on facebook or snapchat when it comes to a beautiful wall enlargements you will see the fault in phone cameras. The third and final point is the person behind the camera. It takes years of experience to take in effect lighting, composition, correct camera settings, etc. This is why when it comes to having great pictures you need to hire a Professional Photography that has and can do everything mentioned. So to edit my title above - yes Everyone (Thinks) they are a photographer but - but the simple fact is they are not.

For your special moments in life trust them to someone that is more concerned about capturing your images more then you are. Trust a Professional !

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