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Stealth Engagement Shoot

Something that I have only had the privilege to do a few times but have always loved is the Stealth Engagement Shoot. How this works is I am hired to capture when the boyfriend is about to ask the big question and the execution is like a scene from Mission Impossible. What happens is I meet with or talk with the client on the location and time this is going to take place. In the past it has been outside somewhere that has a special meeting to both of them. I arrive ahead of time with one camera and stay hidden from the couples view or if they do see me I am doing something else like taking pictures of flowers, etc. not making any contact with them. We (the boyfriend) and I have discuss the signal that he is going to give just moments before he pops the question. From there I am in Ninja mode capturing it all as it is happening. Afterwards I take the couple and we do some fun pictures with them before they go off to celebrate with friends or family. So guys if your thinking this is a great idea give me a call and we can make it happen.

-Flair Photography-

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