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Fall Weddings

It is that time of year where the weather is cool and the colors are beautiful. October weddings have now been listed as the most popular month to get married according to Bridal World Expo. Fall produces some beautiful colors with the leaves changing on the trees it makes your pictures outside even that much more beautiful as long as your photographer has the right equipment. Softboxes, umbrellas, studio style lighting is the only way to achieve a beautiful picture with balance lighting and background lighting. Because of this if your planning a wedding in October you should start booking your vendors at least 6 months ahead of time and for a reception location you might need to book that a year in advance. Our studio booked 4 weddings in October as early as June so if you want one of the hardest working studio's to be involved with your special day call us today. Flair Photography - 540-869-8614

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