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Your Day Demands The Best

Wedding Rings

Your future husband has spent allot of time choosing the right ring, then has planned out all the details when he is going to pop the question. After that special day you have so many things to do. Your dress, the church, the reception, DJ, flowers, the list goes on and on. You almost forgot you need a photographer to capture your special day. You have a friend that has a camera and takes some pictures, or you heard of someone that is starting out and will come out and do it really affordable. Those are great options BUT there is just one problem. This is your wedding day, the day that everything is perfect and to capture that day you need the same perfection. The friend or the photographer starting out sounds great on paper but not for your special day...for your day you need the best. Your friend is there to enjoy your day and since this is not what they do you miss so many things in your album. The photographer starting out doesn't have the 20K dollars worth of equipment to capture images no matter what the situation is. It is not either of there faults for this, because they are not professionals so that can't be expected to deliver what you should have on your special day. We are the other hand have been doing this since 1992 and have the 20K + equipment. Your day demands the best and that is while you should contact us today so we can discuss your day and show you why we are the best at what we do. Call us today 540-869-8614 or email us so we can start this journey together capturing memories of today that will wow your heart tomorrow. - Flair Photography - William Clements

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